Please register your team below by midnight BST 4 Aug 2020. At this point no information other than your names and your school are required. The team is to be between 3-5 members, and can comprise of MBAs (or other non-executive business school masters students) who are incoming, current, or outgoing. This competition is not open to undergraduates. 
Please note a lead who will be the main contact and in charge of submissions.
There is a small registration fee of £50 (i.e. £10 per member)*
*If there is a reason your team cannot contribute this fee, please let us know

Registration fee for this competition is £50 (i.e. £10 per member)

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Please submit your brief below by 14 Aug 2020 at Midnight (BST).

Round 1 determines which teams will represent their school (2 teams per school) and present in the final round. This submission requires 6 content slides, which does not include non-content slides such as summary or title slides. If you are uncertain what counts, please feel free to ask via our contact section. This powerpoint presentation will cover a high level view of the problem and proposed solutions, which will be built out further and in more depth if selected for the final round. Winners will be contacted the following Monday, allowing as much time as possible to further build out a presentation for the winning teams.

No experience in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, or supply chain is required.

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Successful teams will be contacted by end of day 17 Aug 2020. Further information about how to submit the final presentation, presentation schedules, and other information will be provided. In light of COVID, the presentations will be online.


What is included in Round 1?

Your Round 1 submission should be not more than 6 content slides. Additional slides (title, references, team names etc.) can be included but will not be evaluated by the judges. Appendix slides will count as content slides, so please be concise. As you can only submit 6 slides, we understand that your research and analysis will not be exhaustive.

You should define the problem you are assessing, share analysis and come to recommendation(s) for the pharmaceutical company you have selected.
Teams selected to represent their school in the final can build on their previous submission and recommendation, but may of course also refine or modify the recommendations following further research and analysis.

Will I be judged on the aesthetics of the presentation?

The aesthetics are not the main criteria you will be assessed on, but rather the content. However, please be professional in your presentation. 

What companies can we choose?

Pharmaceutical companies are the focus of this case. They may also be involved in other activities, such as biotech, which is fine, but the focus of this case is on the medical side, covering pharmaceutical drugs (both branded and generic), biologics (including biosimilars) and vaccines. We recommend selecting a company facing clear supply chain disruption due to Covid-19, so that you can more easily answer the prompt!

Do I need to include references?

Yes, for any external references used, please provide reference. This can be in footnotes or in a separate references slide (this would not count towards your 6 content slides). Referencing can be done in any style (Harvard, Oxford, MLA etc.)